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Ladder Safety Refresher for Employees

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Most of us have likely used several kinds of ladders at work or at home and may even feel quite comfortable around them. However, that comfort can be misplaced, as thousands of people are injured every year while using these common tools. This training lesson serves as a refresher on ladder safety and provides several useful tips to help employees prevent ladder-related injuries.

You must first select the right ladder for the job, as an incorrect selection may place you at a greater risk of injury. You must also be mindful of the material the ladder is made of, as well as its length, load capacity, and other considerations. This course briefs employees on how to select the right ladder for the job. To prevent injuries, you must also know how to inspect the ladder you intend to use. This training lesson shows you what to look for when inspecting a ladder. This course then demonstrates how to safely set up and climb a ladder.

There are additional safety tips provided here, all of which must be adhered to prevent injuries while using ladders. Utilize the information presented and work more safely, and confidently, around ladders.

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Anyone who works with or around ladders

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Ladder Safety

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