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Leadership and the Science of Chaos

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Leadership and the Science of Chaos

Businesses and organizations are suffering because they're using outdated business practices. This online training video presents ideas gained from advances made in the natural sciences, and shows how businesses can benefit from what science has learned.

For example, viewers learn about the science of chaos which finds order can emerge out of chaos. By keeping this idea in mind, businesses can become less concerned with momentary appearances and look at the big picture. Viewers also learn the practice of controlling information within the workplace inhibits growth. In natural living systems, information has been seen as the source of all change. From this we see that information must be accessible in order for organizations to change.

Find out how you can use best business practices based on scientific discoveries to your organization's advantage.

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Business leaders, managers, supervisors, and team leaders.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • The Machine Model
  • The New Sciences
  • Accept Chaos
  • Information
  • Relationships
  • Vision
  • Conclusion

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