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Bloodborne Pathogens: The Unexpected Hazard - Concise Version

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Responding properly when confronted with blood and other bodily fluids is critical to your health and safety, as many diseases can be transmitted via bloodborne pathogens. Accidents happen at the workplace and employees rushing to help can unexpectedly encounter a bloodborne pathogen. This course provides viewers with the knowledge needed to take the appropriate actions when encountering blood or bodily fluids.

This course takes a comprehensive, multifaceted approach to discussing the seriousness of bloodborne pathogens. It explains what they are, how they can be transmitted, ways exposures occur in the workplace, and precautionary measures to take under any circumstances. The second half shows learners how to properly dispose of potentially infected materials and how to appropriately respond to an exposure.

Utilize this course to prepare employees to safely respond to emergencies and protect themselves from exposure to bloodborne pathogens. This course makes for a great refresher training for experienced employees.

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Any employee

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Definition Of Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Modes Of Transmission
  • Occupational Exposure
  • Universal Precautions
  • Barrier Devices
  • Handling And Disposal Of Potentially Infectious Materials
  • Responding To An Exposure
  • Conclusion

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