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Creating A Positive Training Environment

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Creating A Positive Training Environment

A participant’s training begins when he or she steps into the training room. This first impression is critical to the success of the training. In this online course, trainers learn the important elements of a training venue, factors affecting participants’ comfort, different room designs and layouts, and how to provide a safe learning environment.

This course begins by discussing how trainers can get the most out of the training space or room. Trainers should consider the room size, if multiple rooms are needed, and the furniture. Some factors affecting the participants’ comfort, such as natural light, outside noise, acoustics, and temperature, should also be analyzed. The shape of the room layout helps drive the type of training. Lastly, providing a safe learning environment takes planning and smart training approaches. This course teaches trainers to lead with positivity, build trust, and facilitate the sharing of ideas in class. It also demonstrates how to establish an emotionally safe and friendly learning environment for their participants.

Creating a comfortable, safe, and positive training environment is a key element of training design. Use this online course and workbook to learn how to plan and build such an environment.

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Instructors and trainers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Important Elements In A Venue
  • Factors Which Affect Participants’ Comfort And Learning
  • Room Designs and Layout Elements
  • Providing A Safe Learning Environment
  • Training Design Plan
  • Recap

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