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Developing Training Session Plans

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Developing Training Session Plans

When designing training, it is much like mapping out a road trip; all happy paths and obstacles should be planned for as much as possible. Use this Developing Training Session Plans course to train your trainers on why session plans are important, what training equipment is needed, and overall training flow and design.

Session plans may be a dreaded piece of the training puzzle, but their importance is often overlooked. Trainers learn why session plans are important. Next, they learn how to deliver effective lessons by stating the lesson objective, teaching and modeling behavior expectations, using active engagement strategies, and more. Training equipment is discussed next with an emphasis on testing the equipment prior to training. Incorporating breaks and catering into training can enhance the overall training experience of the attendees and should be well planned out.

Lastly, viewers learn what to consider when planning a training, including learning outcomes, training materials, trainers and content experts, training methods, and logistics.

Delivering effective lessons starts outside of the classroom with planning. Use this course to help your trainers plan and design training using session plans.

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Training staff or leaders who conduct training sessions

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Why Session Plans Are Important
  • Delivering Effective Lessons
  • Training Equipment
  • Breaks And Catering
  • Overall Training Design And Flow
  • Recap

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