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Planning And Holding Meetings

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Planning And Holding Meetings

Meetings are ubiquitous in the modern workplace. They may include anything from a five-minute conversation with your supervisor in the hallway to a two-hour-long board meeting, and each type requires its own planning and execution.

This course explores formal and informal meetings, planning and agendas, being a good participant, and ground rules and minutes. For example, informal meetings are likely the most common type of meeting in your workplace. They are more relaxed than formal meetings but still must be controlled. Typical reasons for calling an informal meeting include discussing and selling ideas, solving problems, gathering opinions, and building morale.

Once a meeting begins, you must know how to be a good participant, or as the organizer you must ensure others are good participants. For example, the meeting should be limited to agenda topics decided beforehand, people should arrive on time, and the meeting should not be monopolized by one person.

There are many reasons for holding a meeting, and this training video guides you through all the steps of hosting a meeting from preparing for one to following up after one. Utilize the materials provided in this on-demand training and learn how to better plan and hold a meeting.

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The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Formal And Informal Meetings
  • Preparing For A Meeting
  • Being A Good Meeting Participant
  • Recap

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