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Hand, Wrist and Finger Safety in Construction Environments

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We use our hands for just about everything, whether we’re at home or the job site. Despite their importance, we often expose them to an unnecessary risk of injury due to improper protection, incorrect work practices, or even a lack of knowledge regarding how to best keep them safe. Fortunately, this hand safety training explores the ways to guard against this risk and prevent hand injuries.

Your hands, wrists, and fingers are structurally complex, and therefore, they are inherently fragile. Bruises, breaks, cuts, and punctures are just some of the injuries our hands may suffer; certain tools and equipment may pose an amputation risk, and even repetitive movements can cause injuries over time. Of course, the best way to limit injuries is to prevent accidents in the first place. This course demonstrates safe work practices, as well as how to choose the proper tools and personal protective equipment (PPE) for the job.

Even if you prevent a sudden injury, you may still be at risk for a gradual injury. Even small motions, when repeated countless times, may cause damage; these are known as ergonomic injuries. You might not think of them as hazardous, but they too can significantly impact your use of your hands, wrists, and fingers.

Utilize the information presented in this hand safety lesson and best protect yourself from injuries to your hands, wrists and fingers.

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Those working in construction

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • The Hand's Design and Structure
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Preventing Ergonomic Injuries
  • Choosing Tools and Using Them Safely
  • Selecting the Best Gloves for the Job
  • Conclusion

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