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Radiation: Industrial Radiation Safety

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Industrial Radiation Safety

This training video separates radiation fact from fiction, emphasizing measures to keep industrial workers safe from radiation exposure. The video explains naturally occurring sources of radiation, how radiation may be used in industry and medicine, federally established radiation limits, and the mandate that employee exposure be as low as reasonably achievable. The vital role of the RSO or Radiation Safety Officer is stressed. Rules governing who can order radioactive products, inspect them upon receipt, place them in service, monitor their safety, move them and dispose of them are stressed. Also discussed is how to respond to a radiation leak or an emergency involving radiation, who to call in an emergency and the need to evacuate the area and communicate with emergency responders about a potential radiation exposure.

This training should be part of a company’s radiation industrial safety training program. It helps dispel mistaken notions about the dangers of radiation, while emphasizing the personal responsibility every worker must take to protect him or herself from accidental exposure. A quiz follows the training to ensure the key points were understood.

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Industrial workers and laboratory employees who work with or near radioactive materials

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Basic Radiation Safety
  • Radiation Source Handling

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