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Networking Essentials: Networking Basics

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Networking Essentials: Networking Basics

This online training teaches viewers the basics of data networks. This training video explains what a network is, how it is structured and how it works.

Almost all businesses use networking of some kind in the workplace. This video educates viewers about the different types of networks they may use. Some of the other topics covered include networking topologies, access/communication methods, the OSI Model and TCP/IP Model, and protocols.

This course is the first in a series on networking essentials. Throughout the series employees learn how to configure, troubleshoot, manage, and protect a data network.

Video on Demand   This course is in the Video On Demand format, to read about Video On Demand features click here.

  • Install on any SCORM LMS
  • Full-screen video presentation
  • Print certificate and wallet card
  • You have 30 days to complete the course

All employees who need to know the basics when it comes to a data network

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Today's IT Networks Structures
  • Why use a Network?
  • Networking Components and Services
  • Networking Terminology Topologies
  • Networking Terminology Access / Communication Methods
  • OSI Model
  • TCP/IP Stack
  • OSI Model and TCP/IP Model
  • Introducing Protocols
  • Addressing and Routing
  • Summary

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