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AIM for Development: Setting Personal Development Objectives That Work

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Oftentimes manages set development objectives for employees that never get accomplished, or that you have no way of knowing if they did. The fact of the matter is the employees themselves must have the drive to develop for objectives to be effective. A successful development objective needs A.I.M., which stands for “Aspirational,” in the company’s “Interests” and “Measurable”. This video-based training course demonstrates these three requirements needed to set effective personal development goals for employees.

This course shows you how to motivate change through the A.I.M. method of setting objectives. For example, by identifying the motive behind the aspiration, you can start tailoring development areas to further that motivation. When you do this, you can help create a more inspired and productive team member. This course takes you through specific examples for every step of the objective-setting process.

Development objectives are important for an employee’s growth. However, those objectives must be meaningful, personalized, and created with the employee’s specific aspirations in mind. After all, it is senseless for an employee to develop an area that has nothing to do with them or their aspirations. Utilize the information presented in this training video and understand how you can help set personal development objectives that work.

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All those in a leadership role

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Ineffective Development Objectives
  • Motivating Change Through A.I.M.
  • Development As A Habit
  • Making Changes For Development
  • Conclusion

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