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What to Say When: Manager Collection

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As a manager, what you say has an effect on your success and the success of your team. Poor communication from a manager can lead to team members not meeting objectives, conflict, and a work group that is uncooperative and resistant to change. This course presents communication strategies to deal with the issues most managers face in the workplace.

This course features 14 lessons from the What To Say When series on workplace communication. These particular vignettes focus on issues managers might experience in the workplace. This course can be used to prepare managers with communication strategies before an issue arises, or to help remediate a situation currently going on. Each short vignette presents a common communication dilemma, and Human Resource expert, Hugh Murray, shares the communication strategies and tactics for dealing with the issue.

The manager collection covers issues related to onboarding new employees, setting objectives, resolving conflict between team members, and providing feedback and recognition. Each lesson in this course features a narrative example, demonstrating the right and wrong way to handle a problem. The entire course ends with a learning assessment to measure learner comprehension. The course also includes a leader guide and a downloadable “key points“ document to help you remember the communication strategy for each topic. Use this course with your leadership to ensure smooth communication when issues arise.

Note: The lessons in this course are available as individual courses if you are only interested in one specific topic.

Video on Demand   This course is in the Video On Demand format, to read about Video On Demand features click here.

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Managers or anyone in a leadership role

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Haunted by the Ghost of Your Predecessor
  • Conducting Interviews and Appraisals
  • There's a New Team Member
  • Setting Objectives
  • You Want to Offer Praise
  • Criticizing a Team Member's Work
  • Someone's Not Doing What You Need
  • Someone Resists Change
  • A Team Member is Uncooperative
  • A Team Member is Late
  • People are Wasting Time Online
  • Generations Clash
  • There's Conflict Between Team Members
  • You're Asked to Host a Meeting

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