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Leadership For Manufacturing Professionals

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Leadership For Manufacturing Professionals

Moving into a leadership role can be difficult if the transition is not done effectively. A leader’s role is to help make their employee’s jobs as productive and enjoyable as possible. This training course demonstrates how to become an effective leader in the manufacturing industry.

Using a bit of humor, this course shows manufacturing employees how to transition into a leadership role and provides great examples of what not to do throughout the training. It reviews the three onboarding phases and how to successfully onboard new employees. The course shows how to establish healthy communication practices within a team. Leaders also learn how to delegate work and correctly handle complaints from employees. Establishing a respectful workplace overall is key to employees enjoying their work and being engaged. Lastly, viewers learn what effective problem solving looks like and how to improve conflict-resolutions skills.

Transitioning from team member to leader requires a shift in mindset, job roles, and responsibilities. New leaders could potentially manage former peers, leading to possible awkwardness and tension. It’s important to create and maintain a healthy work culture, which can increase productivity and enjoyment. After taking this online training, new manufacturing leaders will know the basics of effective leadership and how to lead a successful, engaged team.

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Manufacturing Professionals

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Transitioning Into A Leadership Role
  • Onboarding New Employees
  • Establishing Healthy Communication Practices
  • How To Delegate Effectively
  • Handling Complaints
  • Establishing A Respectful Workplace
  • Improving Employee Engagement
  • Effective Problem Solving

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