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The ability to effectively communicate is important for any leader, and this is especially true for leaders of virtual teams. Three of the most common challenges faced in virtual teams include holding successful virtual meetings, resolving conflicts and coaching across a distance. This online training course shows leaders best practices to tackle these challenges for leading a virtual team.

When working across distances, virtual meetings become commonplace. Virtual meetings can be held using many different types of technology, including via conference call or video chat, but regardless of how the meeting is held, it is important that your team has the tools necessary to be successful. This course covers strategies for scheduling meetings, selecting the right technology and setting agendas. A leader of any team will inevitably have to resolve conflicts between team members. In a virtual team, miscommunication can quickly spiral out of control more easily than in a team working in the same physical location. This conflict can easily disrupt productivity, so you must address it quickly. This course explores how to employ the three C’s of conflict resolution: cause; collaboration; and compromise. Leaders are also taught how to best coach a virtual team to foster results and improve its overall skillset.

Utilize the information provided in this training lesson and lead your virtual team to success.

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Anyone managing a group of people who are separated by distance

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Why It Matters
  • Lead Virtual Meetings
  • Resolve Conflict
  • Coach to Foster Results
  • One More Thing

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