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Meeting attendees often exude a variety of behaviors, including doodling, texting and skipping them altogether. While the success of a meeting is sometimes measured by attendance and participation, a meeting is not successful unless it produces the intended outcome. For this reason, knowing how to create engaging, effective meetings is essential in the workplace.

This course breaks down meeting planning into strategies that aid meeting planners in determining why a meeting is or is not necessary, executing its purpose, and accomplishing its objectives. By taking the step by step approach outlined in this course, meeting planners and event coordinators will understand how to assess and determine the necessary elements of an effective meeting; from attendee list and roles, to the agenda, seating arrangement, and follow up.

Use this course to improve the effectiveness of the meetings in your organization.

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Employees whose work responsibilities include planning, managing and conducting meetings

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Try a New Recipe
  • Prepare Objectives
  • Plan the Agenda
  • Assign Key Roles
  • Take Action
  • One More Thing

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