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Becoming An Effective Manager: Giving Effective Feedback

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Effective feedback can be either positive or negative. Positive feedback encourages employees to keep up their good work, whereas negative feedback is constructive criticism to help an employee improve. This online training video teaches managers rules and methods to make their feedback more effective.

The ideal way to convey any kind of feedback is in person, rather than by phone or email. This course shows different methods for delivering different types of feedback. Viewers are shown feedback sharing methods such as coaching rather than lecturing employees. The coaching method consists of teaching employees how to identify and solve their problems instead of telling them what to do. Managers are encouraged to meet regularly with employees to review accountability, provide feedback, and discuss development.

Watch this online training course to learn how to provide feedback more effectively to employees.

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All managers will benefit from this course

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Rules Of Providing Feedback
  • Feedback Sharing Methods
  • Summary

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