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Business Power Skills: Effective Presentations

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A presentation cannot be effective without a purpose. In other words, to have a truly effective presentation, you need to understand why you are presenting the information. Are you convincing a customer to buy your product? Are you sharing information with colleagues? Are you leading a team meeting? All three purposes will manifest in varying ways of presenting the materials you are providing. Understanding this purpose will help define the boundaries of the presentation, your audience, and the main points you are conveying. There are other key components to crafting an effective presentation, which you will learn through the materials presented in this course.

Logic, flow and supporting evidence are integral to an effective presentation as well. You should also consider how your audience processes information, whether they are kinesthetic or auditory learners, for example, as this impacts how they will absorb your presentation, the questions they will ask, and what elements they find important. This course walks you through best practices for all the steps of presenting, from the planning process to the practice and actual presentation.

Presentations can sometimes be viewed as burdensome and undesirable to create or sit through. However, presentations are vital for sharing information and the continued viability and growth of your business. Utilize the information provided in this training lesson and learn how to make more effective presentations.

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Anyone who must make formal business presentations

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Research, Decide, And Plan Your Presentation
  • Creating The Presentation
  • Practice And Present
  • Summary

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