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Business Strategy: Creating A Competitive Edge

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As a business, it’s critical to continuously refine and understand your organization’s competitive edge. Defining this edge helps drive what your company does and believes in. It impacts operations, marketing and even hiring and training. This course defines three steps and strategies business leaders should use to define a company’s competitive edge.

In this training course, leaders learn the three steps of defining an edge: research their customers’ problems, analyze how the company’s products and services solve customer problems, and discuss what features their products offer to make their organization the best choice. Leaders should use one of three strategies to help build a competitive edge: Operational Excellence, Product Leadership, and Customer Intimacy. Each of these strategies focus on meeting customers’ needs and achieving company success.

New technologies and innovations have changed how companies differentiate their services and offerings to potential customers. As a business, it’s critical to continuously refine and understand your organization’s competitive edge. After taking this online course, you will be able to define your competitive advantage, define your target market and identify your competition, and practice the strategies for building your competitive edge.

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Organization Leaders

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Define Your Competitive Edge
  • Define Your Target Market
  • Strategies For Building Your Competitive Edge
  • Summary

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