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Effective Presentations: Engagement Practices

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Speakers who do not connect with their audiences within the first 30-60 seconds tend to lose them to social media, texting, daydreaming, and even sleep. Practices like building immediate connections are essential to boosting speakers’ confidence during presentation delivery. This training course focuses on how to plan, practice, and deliver a presentation with a focus on keeping the audience engaged.

The steps to delivering an engaging presentation start with an audience analysis. Learning who the audience is and what their expectations are have an effect on where and how to deliver a presentation. Plan to use activities, break-out groups, and thought-provoking questions to keep the audience engaged. Another critical step is practicing the presentation using all elements, including technology, slides or props, the talking points, and any interactive activities and questions that are planned for the audience. The last step is, of course, the delivery. With adequate planning and practice, the delivery will feel natural and comfortable.

By giving equal attention to the presentation and to the audience, speakers will effectively present their ideas and create an engaging environment for their audience. After taking this training, speakers will know how to build immediate connections with their audience and keep the connection going from the beginning to the end of their presentation.

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Anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Plan
  • Practice
  • Present
  • Summary

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