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Ladder Safety

This course has been discontinued and is no longer available.
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33 to 66 minutes
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A moment’s inattention when working on a ladder can cause a severe injury or death. More than 165,000 people a year are injured and 300 are killed due to ladder-related accidents. This video training covers the basics of ladder selection, inspection, transportation, set-up and use. It discusses step ladders and extension ladders. Guidelines for securing ladders, inspecting the area around ladders for hazards, choosing the right ladder for the job, ascending and descending ladders and carrying tools are discussed. The video concludes with general safety tips for securing and stabilizing ladders, and a real-life story of how a fall from a ladder changed someone’s life.

This training is presented in bite-sized segments, each followed by a short quiz to test the viewer’s understanding. Assign this ladder safety course to anyone who works on ladders to help them be aware of the hazards involved in working on ladders.

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All those who work with ladders

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Selecting The Right Ladders
  • Inspecting Ladders
  • Transporting Ladders
  • Setting Up Ladders
  • Using Step Ladders
  • Using Extension Ladders
  • Climbing Ladders
  • Working On Ladders
  • Safety Tips
Intended Performance Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course you will be better prepared to:
  • Explain the importance of selecting the correct ladder.
    • Explain the purpose of the types of materials used for ladders.
    • Explain the purpose of different length ladders.
    • Describe the different load bearing ratings.
  • Understand what parts of the ladder may have maintenance issues.
    • Describe the parts of a ladder where wear occurs.
    • Explain features unique to extension ladders.
    • Explain features unique to step ladders.
  • Explain how proper transportation of ladders contributes to safety.
    • Describe the method of carry a ladder.
    • Explain the value in getting assistance when carry ladders.
  • Understand what to look out for when setting up ladders.
    • Describe which objects present possible problems around ladders.
    • Explain how to work in passageways with ladders.
  • Understand the unique aspects of step ladder use.
    • Describe the work procedures unique to step ladders.
  • Understand proper procedures when setting up extension ladders.
    • Describe the steps of setting up an extension ladder.
    • Explain the importance of the four to one ratio.
  • Explain the method of ascending and descending ladders.
    • Explain the methods of carry tools while climbing a ladder.
    • Describe the three points of contact method of climbing ladders.
  • Understand the method safely working on ladders.
    • Explain the belt buckle rule.
  • Explain the method stabilizing ladders.
    • List stabilizing techniques and equipment.
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