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Driving: Distracted Driving: At What Cost?

This course has been discontinued and is no longer available.
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Online Distracted Driver Training

This distracted driver training course builds an awareness of the dangers of driving while distracted. It shows studies that indicate over half of crashes involve a distraction. In this course you will learn which distractions are the most common, how to avoid them, and also how to manage distractions that can't be avoided. The course also shares a tragic story that involves a distracted driver.

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All drivers.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction to Distracted Driving
    • A humorous look at common distractions
    • A dangerous attitude
  • The Effects of Being Distracted
    • Distance traveled in two seconds at 30 mph
    • Distance traveled in two seconds at 65 mph
    • Hazards of being distracted
  • What is a Distraction?
    • Common distractions
    • Cell phone use
    • Multiple distractions
  • Distracted Driving Collision
    • Investigation of the collision
    • Actions that could have prevented the collision
  • Taking Control
    • Avoiding distracting actions
    • Ignoring uncontrollable distractions
    • Managing distractions that can't be avoided
    • Distractions in an unfamiliar vehicle
    • Distractions in an unfamiliar area
  • Conclusion
    • A tragic true story
    • Tips for increasing awareness and self control
Intended Performance Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course you will be better prepared to:
  • Recognize how driving distractions affect our safety and the safety of others.
    • Restate distance vehicle travels in 2 seconds.
    • Describe how distractions affect vehicle control.
    • Recognize that distractions reduce reaction time.
  • Avoid activities that distract our attention from driving.
    • Recognize common activities that can distract us from our driving.
    • Agree that using a cell phone can distract us while driving.
    • Identify distractions that contribute to traffic mishaps.
  • Explain how distractions while driving can cause vehicle collisons
    • Identify the distractions that contributed to the collision shown in the video.
    • State the actions each driver could have taken to avoid being distracted.
  • Safely avoid or manage driving distractions.
    • Recognize that our actions cause most distractions.
    • Agree to ignore distractions we can not control.
    • Describe methods to manage distractions that can not be ignored or avoided.
    • Identify methods for avoiding distractions while driving in unfamiliar vehicles.
    • List methods for avoiding distractions while driving in an unfamiliar area.

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