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Driving: Winter Driving: When The Rules Change

This course has been discontinued and is no longer available.
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Online Safe Winter Driving Training

This training dramatically illustrates the importance of adjusting our driving techniques as winter approaches. The course is enhanced by Larry, who displays one winter driving mistake after another; mistakes we can all learn from.

Learners will see the importance of preparing the vehicle for winter, adjusting schedules for winter driving conditions, and maintaining good visibility. They will also learn winter driving techniques that including intersections, cornering, skid control, braking and slowing down, and winter survival supplies and techniques.

When the Rules Change also includes a powerful interview with a woman who was involved in fatal wintertime crash - an event that changed her life forever.

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Training for anyone driving in cold, icy, or other wintery conditions.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Preparation
    • Tires
    • Tread depth
    • Inflation
    • Battery and Charging System
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Adjusting our schedule
  • Visibility
    • Clearing snow and ice from the vehicle
    • Proper use of defroster and ventilation
    • Keeping windows clear of road spray
    • Driving near snow plows
  • Driving Techniques
    • Importance of reducing our speed
    • Intersection hazards
    • Cornering techniques
    • Acceleration techniques
    • Regaining control during a skid
    • Passing techniques
    • Braking techniques for standard brakes
    • Braking techniques for ABS brakes
  • Hazards On The Road
    • Ice prone situations
    • Black ice
  • Winter Survival
    • Precautions for driving in poor conditions
    • The importance of warm clothing
    • Survival kit items
    • What to do if you are stranded
Intended Performance Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course you will be better prepared to:
  • Prepare your vehicle and yourself for winter driving.
    • Recognize a valid method to determine proper tire tread depth.
    • Choose conditions that can decrease tire pressure.
    • List actions that can help avoid vehicle problems in the winter.
    • Agree that allowing extra driving time during winter is one of the most important ways to enhance safety.
  • Maintain the best possible visibility while driving in the winter.
    • Identify the primary areas on a vehicle that should be clear of snow and ice.
    • Explain why the re-circulate setting should be avoided during winter.
    • Maintain the correct supply of washer fluid.
    • Choose the correct procedures to follow while driving near snow plows.
  • Safely navigate winter roads.
    • Identify a typical intersection hazard in the winter.
    • Choose the best way to control the weight of a vehicle while cornering.
    • State the key actions to control a vehicle when skidding on snow or ice covered roads.
    • Identify the primary methods for passing safely.
    • Identify proper braking techniques.
    • Agree that the most important winter driving adjustment is to slow down.
  • Safely navigate ice related hazards on roadways.
    • Recognize areas that can be prone to icing.
  • Be prepared to safely survive if stranded in the winter.
    • List procedures to follow when driving in the winter.
    • List items that are useful to keep in your vehicle's winter survival kit.
    • Choose steps to take when stranded in a vehicle in the winter.

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