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A man helping his co-worker after an accident A women taking statements after an accident Two men investigating a workplace accident

Accident Investigation

Many factors can contribute to accidents at work, including noise levels, poor lighting, or equipment. This accident investigation training video training explains why managers should conduct accident investigations as well as how to properly document their findings.

The video explains how each accident has a chain of events and how each event led to the cause of the accident. The importance of a Branching Diagram is discussed. The video illustrates how using this type of diagram can make it easier for supervisors or site managers to identify the actual cause of the accident. The training also teaches the correct way to gather evidence and interview witnesses.

The video explains what solutions or measures to implement once the cause of the accident is identified. Safety measures and how to implement them is illustrated in this video. Another issue discussed in this video is the importance of conducting an accident investigation in a near miss or close call.

There is a five step process in conducting an accident investigation and this short training video explains in great detail the importance of each step and how to properly execute each area of the investigation process. In addition to explaining how to conduct an investigation; preventative measures, short term, and long term solutions are illustrated in the video. Use this online training to ensure you conduct effective accident investigations while creating a safer workplace.

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Anyone who may be involved in workplace accident investigation

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Investigate
  • Find Cause
  • Take Action
  • Document
  • Follow-Up

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