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Driving: Defensive Driving: Supervisors Guide

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Driving: Defensive Driving: Supervisor's Guide

Within a company, supervisors have many critical responsibilities, and within a company that employs drivers one of the most critical responsibilities a manager has is to manage the performance of those drivers. Any accident your drivers have could potentially reflect poorly on the company as well, so it is important to ensure every driver at your company is a safe and defensive driver. Use the information in this video to train your employees on effective safe driving practices, as well as the steps needed to ensure your employees are following those practices. Many experts say almost all accidents are avoidable, so utilizing this lesson will help your employees become better drivers.

One cannot fully make sure their employees are good defensive drivers until actually observing them driving. As a manager you must explain your expectations; this includes correcting bad driving habits while teaching and reinforcing good driving habits. While coaching driving can be difficult, as many are out on the road for the majority of the day, the lesson presented here will educate you on the steps to take so good driving habits become your employees' second nature. One valuable method to help your employees is riding along with them as they drive. This on-demand training will teach you how to coach your drivers during this process; use this video and learn how, through coachable moments, to turn your workers into safe and defensive drivers.

Your employee's job or reputation may not be the only thing on the line if they are involved in an accident. The company's assets and reputation may be at risk as well. Your employee may be an excellent driver already, but mistakes can happen to anyone. Also recognize while your employee may not be the safest driver now, bad habits can be broken and good habits can be reinforced. Regardless of the level of your driver's safety aptitude, they can be made a safer and more defensive driver with the lessons in this course. Remember, safe driving is good business.

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Supervisors of professional drivers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Observing the Driver
  • Coaching the Driver
  • Driving Expectations
  • Conclusion

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