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Fire: Fire Extinguishers: Ready to Respond

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Online Fire Extinguisher Training

This fire extinguisher training covers all aspects of safely using a fire extinguisher. You will learn the five classes of fires and how to match the right extinguisher to different types of fires. In fire extinguisher training, you will learn how to identify the proper fire class from various sources of material. You will also learn the PASS method for extinguishing a fire. In this fire extinguisher training, you will learn how to inspect an extinguisher and understand the importance of knowing the locations of extinguishers at your location as well as the steps to take if a fire occurs.

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Fire extinguisher training is required for all employees.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Fire Classes
    • How fires burn
    • Class A fires
    • Class B fires
    • Class C fires
    • Class D fires
    • Class K fires
  • Extinguishers Types
    • Matching fires to extinguishers
  • Proper Use
    • P.A.S.S.
    • Using Class A fire extinguishers
    • Using Class B fire extinguishers
    • Using Class C fire extinguishers
    • Using Class D fire extinguishers
    • Using Class K fire extinguishers
  • Maintenance
    • Extinguisher locations
    • Inspection
  • Handling a Fire
    • Steps to handling a fire
Intended Performance Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course you will be better prepared to:
  • Recognize the required elements for fire and the different classes of fire.
    • Identify the elements required to create fire.
    • Distinguish between classes of fire.
  • Use the proper fire extinguisher for the specific type of fire.
    • Identify the location of the fire extinguisher designation.
    • Match the type of fire extinguisher with the class of fire.
    • List information stated on a fire extinguisher label.
  • Use the proper techniques to extinguish a fire.
    • Define the P.A.S.S. method.
    • Identify the correct extinguishing techniques for each class of fire.
  • Identify the most common locations of workplace fire extinguishers.
    • Identify typical locations of fire extinguishers in the workplace.
    • Recognize the importance of memorizing the locations of fire extinguishers at your workplace.
  • Properly inspect a fire extinguisher.
    • Recall that an extinguisher must always be fully charged.
    • Identify parts of a fire extinguisher that need regular inspection.
    • Choose when an extinguisher must be serviced.
  • Follow safe and proper procedures to handle a fire.
    • Name the first step to take if a fire occurs.
    • Recall the need to have an escape route planned if you choose to fight a fire.
    • Identify the need to report all fires.

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