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Powered Pallet Jack Safety

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This pallet jack safety course fully covers the safety aspects of operating a powered pallet jack. It covers equipment identification, pre-use inspections, and safe operations. In this pallet jack safety course, workers will learn about stability, how to pickup, travel and place a load.

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Pallet jack safety is required for all operators of pallet jacks.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Pre Use-Insection
    • Walkie versus walkie rider
    • Common differences
    • Purpose
    • Manufacturer's operating instructions
    • What to inspect
    • When you find something wrong
  • Operation
    • The drive wheel
    • Steering handle
    • Plugging
  • Load Handling
    • Picking up the load
    • Stability
    • Traveling with a load
    • Placing a load
Intended Performance Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course you will be better prepared to:
  • Perform a proper pre-use inspection.
    • Recognize common differences of the two types of pallet jacks.
    • Identify parts requiring functional test.
    • Cite the need to fix or replace a damaged or improperly functioning jack before using.
    • Identify what must be documented.
    • Name benefits of reading manufacturer's operating instructions.
  • Control a pallet jack safely.
    • Identify functions of the rear wheel.
    • Locate the forward and reverse controls.
    • Recognize slowing and stopping methods of the pallet jack.
    • Identify how to plug.
  • Handle loads safely.
    • Recognize correct pick-up procedures.
    • Identify load moving procedures.
    • List general moving pre-cautions.
    • Name correct unloading procedures.
    • Cite need to keep load as low as possible at all times.

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