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Slips Trips and Falls: Hotels

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Avoiding slips near hotel pools Installing safety equipment in hotels to avoid slips trips and falls Preemptively avoiding slips trips and falls in hotels

Slips and Falls: Hotel Accidents

Icy parking lots, damp lobby floors, and curled rugs are signs of winter at a hotel. Slips and falls at hotels could send an employee or guest to the hospital. Does your hotel manager and staff have recognition and response plans in place to create safe walking surfaces for your guests? This Video On Demand course was designed specifically for hotel industry employees, and it’s focused on the prevention and response for slips, trips, and falls.

There are numerous causes of slip and fall accidents in this country due to neglect, in addition to being caused by common weather effects. From surface materials, to cleaning solutions, you may be standing on a safety hazards and be completely unaware. Your hotel employees are your first line of defense against costly and dangerous slip and fall incidents. Help them become experts in hazard recognition and removal with this slip and fall safety course. Using scientific data, this module demonstrates how proper maintenance can protect your hotel and guests from slipping and falling.

In the event a hotel slip and fall accident occurs at your business, do your team members know how to respond to this incident? This course provides an excellent response plan keeping your business’ needs in mind. Avoid unnecessary accident insurance claims and slip and fall accident lawsuit costs by creating a staff of prevention and response experts.

Accidents happen. While you can’t avoid them completely, but you can reduce the frequency and severity of slip and fall incidents, by adding this training course to your hotel industry employee safety training regimen.

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All hospitality industry employees

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Causes
  • Awareness and Prevention
  • Awareness and Action
  • Conclusion

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