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Slips Trips and Falls: Restaurants

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Slips Trips and Falls: Restaurants

A spilled glass of water or a splash of salad dressing on the floor might not seem like a big deal, but even these common occurrences can be the cause of a serious slip and fall accident. Slips, trips, and falls can be avoided by being aware of potential hazards, and doing something about those hazards. With this online course, your employees will be more prepared to prevent slips, trips, and falls and how to respond to an accident.

This course emphasizes the meaning of “If you see something, do something about it.” Employees should take responsibility for their surroundings and help remedy dangerous situations before an accident happens. Through this course, your employees will understand how substances common to a restaurant, such as grease, water, and ice can cause accidents. Employees learn the potential hazards that occur in common areas and the methods and equipment to use to eliminate these hazards. An example of a person slipping and falling is shown to demonstrate the proper way to assist the person, and how to report the incident.

It is crucial for all employees to be on the lookout for potential risk factors and to know how to react to any accidents. Since over 1 million people a year visit the emergency room due to these types of accidents, it is important to arm your workers with the necessary training to help maintain a safer restaurant, for employees and customers alike.

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Restaurant Workers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Causes
  • Awareness and Prevention
  • Awareness and Action
  • Conclusion

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