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Restaurant Training Videos

Food service training videos

Invest in the best affordable restaurant training videos for your employees. Our courses cover topics like customer service, cut protection, hygiene, food handling, and more. Don't let your employees go untrained on these important topics. These courses help improve the service provided by your employees and increase safety in your restaurant. Whether training new employees or refreshing veteran employees, you will find our food service training videos are comprehensive and easy for anyone to use and understand. Look at the training videos featuring restaurants below to find what you need for your own food services employees.

Course Listing by Featured Workplace: Restaurants and Food Services

Title Format Video Format Product ID Price
Bloodborne Pathogens: Always Protect Yourself HD clmibpap_vod Buy $19.95
Customer Service - Listen To Your Customers HD at30cslt_vod Buy $3.95
Customer Service - Observe The Difference In Every Customer HD at30csod_vod Buy $3.95
Customer Service - Service Delayed Is Service Denied HD at30cssd_vod Buy $3.95
Customer Service Gone Viral HD at30csgv_vod Buy $24.95
Customer Service: Avoid Costly Mistakes SD-Wide crmlacmi_vod Buy $24.95
Customer Service: Avoid Costly Mistakes (Supervisor Tips) SD-Wide crmlacms_vod Buy $19.95
Customer Service: Make It Easy! HD at30csme_vod Buy $24.95
Customer Service: Understanding the Customer's View SD-Wide crmlcsuc_vod Buy $19.95
Customer Service: You've Got Customers SD-Wide vvisygcu_vod Buy $24.95
Cut Protection HD clmicpro_vod Buy $19.95
Fire: Fire Extinguisher Training for Employees SD-Wide erisfete_vod Buy $19.95
Harassment Prevention Made Simple HD tabchpms_vod Buy $19.95
Harassment Prevention Made Simple For Managers HD tabchpmsm_vod Buy $19.95
Preventing Hand Injuries HD clmiphin_vod Buy $19.95
Slips Trips and Falls: Restaurants SD-Wide clmistrs_vod Buy $19.95
The 5 Values of GREAT Customer Service SD qmri5vgc_vod Buy $19.95
Wage And Hour Compliance (FLSA) Made Simple HD tabcwhcs_vod Buy $19.95