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Pool Chemicals: Who, What, Where, and How

This course has been discontinued and is no longer available.
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Chemicals used to maintain swimming pools can be deadly if mishandled or mixed together. This online training video demonstrates procedures for handling organic and inorganic chlorinating agents, dry or liquid muriatic acid, dos and don'ts for storing and handling pool chemicals.

This course emphasizes procedures to respond to chemical spills, personal protective equipment, and things not to do when cleaning up. Steps for providing first aid and getting emergency assistance are provided. Proper storage, handling, transporting and using chemicals is stressed. Use of safety gear, such as goggles, face shields, gloves and is addressed. Using only clean measuring devices dedicated to a specific chemical, adding chemicals to pool water (not water to chemicals) and reading and understanding material safety data sheets and container labels is repeatedly stressed. The video gives some tips for saving money on pool chemicals by buying generic equivalents.

Anyone who works with or around these corrosive, flammable chemicals needs to view this video to understand the risks associated with handling them, and the ways to safely use such chemicals to maintain a clean pool.

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Swimming pool chemical manufacturer employees, swimming pool supply store employees, pool maintenance employees, and private and public swimming pool owners

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Organic and Inorganic Chlorinating Agents
  • Oxidizers and Corrosives
  • Handling Chlorinated Pool Chemicals
  • Storing Pool Chemicals
  • Handling a Chemical Spill
  • First Aid
  • Use, Storage, and Handling of Pool Chemicals
  • 8 Rules for Handling Chemicals Safely
  • Saving Money
  • Health Club and Motel Spas
  • Summary

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