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Job Safety Analysis, Safety Awareness And You

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Job Safety Analysis, Safety Awareness, and You

This workplace safety training video is used to help managers and employees recognize and control hazards in manufacturing, warehouses, and in industrial industries. It presents detailed information on creating a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for every task an employee must perform. The video explains how to define the job task, list the job steps, identify the potential hazards of each step and devise ways to control the risk of injury for each step. While geared primarily toward management, this video is relevant to employees who may be required to participate in developing a JSA, and who are ultimately responsible for reviewing and implementing these prescribed procedures.

The worker training video emphasizes the need to dissect each process involved in performing a task to determine whether there is the potential for an injury caused by exposure, strain, falling, being caught by a hazard, being struck by an object, striking an object, or contacting a hazard. It also stresses the importance of safety awareness, comprised of situational awareness, hazard recognition, and the need for management and employees alike to always remain vigilant in the workplace to maintain safety awareness.

This video, which is available in English and Spanish, helps managers and employees build a mutual respect for the hazards associated with performing everyday workplace tasks, and the need to work cooperatively to identify hazards and minimize the risk of injury

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Managers in manufacturing and industrial settings and their employees.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • What Is a Job Safety Analysis?
  • Designing a Job Safety Analysis
  • Common Hazards and Their Controls
  • Safety Awareness
  • Conclusion

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