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Job Safety Analysis, Safety Awareness, and You - Concise Version

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Common causes of workplace injuries include falling and exposure to hazardous materials. These kinds of hazards can be mitigated, and the process of reducing injuries starts with a Job Safety Analysis (JSA). This online safety training shows how managers and workers can minimize workplace hazards through safety awareness and by performing a Job Safety Analysis.

Safety awareness is the recognition of potential hazards, as well as being aware of what is happening in the surrounding work area. Viewers learn the importance of taking time to evaluate both the task and the immediate area to determine if any precautionary measures should be taken, such as wearing personal protective equipment or taking an alternate route.

This course explains why a worker’s input is essential to a JSA, and teaches which information should be included in the analysis. Viewers also learn about the common hazards contributing to workplace injuries, and what can be done to reduce them.

Watch this online safety training course to learn how to conduct a Job Safety Analysis, increase safety awareness and improve the overall safety in the workplace.

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All employees involved in performing a job safety analysis

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • What Is a Job Safety Analysis?
  • Designing a Job Safety Analysis
  • Common Hazards and Their Controls
  • Safety Awareness
  • Conclusion

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