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Machine Guarding and Operator Safety

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A man using a machine guard A mans hand stuck in a machine A supervisor training his co-workers on operator safety

Machine Guarding and Operator Safety

The hazards of working with machinery and heavy equipment can cause severe injury and even death. This online safety training course alerts workers to the hazards of working with machinery, and gives practical instruction on how to work safely with equipment.

The most dangerous parts of machinery include the point of operation, the power source, and moving parts, such as conveyors and feed mechanisms. This course explains how machine guarding reduces the risks involved in working with machines. Viewers learn about the two types of guarding: fixed and adjustable. Fixed guarding keeps workers away from hazardous areas that rarely need to be accessed. Adjustable guarding is built into the equipment; it can be adjusted manually and should never be removed.

This course also discusses other forms of machine guarding such as electrical interlocks, presence sensing devices, and two hand control/two hand trip. Viewers learn when these guards are used and how they protect workers. Learn how to make your work environment safer by watching this online course.

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Everyone who operates machinery

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • The Machine Guarding Program
  • Machine and Equipment Hazards
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Fixed Guards
  • Adjustable Guarding
  • Electrical Interlocks
  • Photoelectric Devices
  • Pressure-Sensitive Trips
  • Two-Hand Control / Two-Hand Trip
  • Conclusion

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