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Oilfield: Hand Safety & Injury Prevention for the Oilfield

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Two workers practicing oilfield hand safety with ropes Oilfield workers drilling in the oilfield hand safety training video A worker practicing oilfield hand safety by putting on protective gloves

Oilfield Hand Safety Training

The most important tools for oilfield workers are not necessarily the ones they hold in their hands. The most important tools ARE their hands. That's why it is important to take the necessary safety steps to protect worker's hands while performing their work in the field.

The best way to prevent injuries and protect hands is through proper education and training - and enforcement of safety procedures. The information available in this course on Oilfield Hand Safety Training, shows viewers about hand safety risk factors, hand safety awareness, job planning, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), hand placement, and tool and equipment safety.

Viewers will find useful tips on subjects like improper hand placement (i.e. using tongs), pinch points, tool accidents, and sharp surfaces. Hand safety and injury prevention must be included in any pre-job planning. As stated in OSHA 29 CFR 1910.138(b), proper PPE, including work gloves, should be selected for specific work conditions. Hand placement is critically important, including where to locate hands when using the proper hand for power tools, working around moving parts, etc. The safe use of tools and equipment is important too, including lockout/tagout awareness.

Comply with OSHA standards and use this course to demonstrate the importance of oilfield hand safety training to your workers.

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Oil drilling workers and management

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • You Need To Know
  • Hand Safety Risk Factors
  • Hand Safety Awareness, Job Planning And PPE
  • Hand Placement And Tool And Equipment Safety
  • It's Your Responsibility

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