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Preventing Hand, Wrist And Finger Injuries

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Preventing Hand, Wrist And Finger Injuries

Depending on our jobs, we may be exposing our hands to possible injury on a daily basis. Some potential hazards include heavy machinery, sharp tools, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. It is therefore important for you to know how to recognize those dangers and understand how to protect yourself against them. This Preventing Hand, Wrist And Finger Injuries course guides you through the safe work practices for preventing hand, wrist, and finger injuries.

The key first step in preventing hand injuries is maintaining an awareness of where your hands are at all times. Do not become distracted at work and do not forget about the hazards that may be around you. These include pinch points, which are created by a moving object that is near a fixed surface or by two moving objects that are close together. Such a hazard may result in serious injury or even death. This course demonstrates several hazards, including pinch points, nip points, and entanglement by equipment or machinery.

You should protect your hands by wearing gloves, and you must know which kind of glove is appropriate for the work you are performing. There are cut-resistant gloves, chemical gloves, surgical gloves, and welding gloves to name a few, and each has its own appropriate usage. This course shows you how to select, fit, inspect and maintain your glove. The course also provides additional methods you can use to protect your hands from injuries, including those stemming from improper ergonomics. Utilize the materials provided here and learn how to avoid hand, wrist, and finger injuries at work.

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Anyone who works in a job where workplace hazards for hand injuries are present

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Preventing Hand, Wrist And Finger Injuries: Overview
  • Maintaining Awareness Prevents Hand Injuries
  • Types Of Protective Gloves
  • Proper Fit, Inspection And Maintenance Of Gloves
  • Nip Points And Pinch Points
  • Preventing Entanglement Injuries
  • Using Tools Safely
  • Preventing Ergonomic Disorders

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