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Office Safety: Step Back for Safety

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This training, part of the Step Back for Safety series, covers basic safety procedures for the office setting. Hazards exist in every workplace, and having awareness of the hazards and the skills to prevent accidents will improve office safety.

With over 300,000 injuries a year due to slips, trips and falls office workers need to be conscious of housekeeping duties to aid in accident prevention. Beyond learning housekeeping practices for a safe office, this course demonstrates hazard prevention for dealing with chemicals, electricity and office equipment. The course also discusses handling office emergencies and preparing employees with emergency response procedures. Medical emergencies and administering first aid is discussed, as well as incident reporting. Encourage employees to make safety a priority by using this online training course.

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All office employees.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction to Office Safety
    • Understanding office safety
  • Emergency Response and Incident Reporting
    • Emergency alarms
    • Medical emergencies
    • Reporting an incident
  • Housekeeping, Hygiene and Walking Surfaces
    • Benefits of good housekeeping
    • Preventing slips, trips and falls
    • Controlling infection
  • Chemicals, Electricity, and Office Equipment
    • Obtaining chemical information
    • Electrical equipment injuries
    • Machine guards
    • Understanding ergonomics
Intended Performance Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course you will be better prepared to:
  • Use proper emergency response procedures.
    • Agree to use emergency response procedures during a scheduled drill.
    • Choose proper steps to take if a worker is suffering a serious medical condition.
  • Report incidents at your facility.
    • Recognize emergency situations that should be reported.
  • Practice good housekeeping at work.
    • List the benefits of good housekeeping.
    • Choose proper methods used to prevent slips, trips and falls.
    • Recognize when slips and trips often occur.
    • Identify proper methods to help prevent the spread of bacterial and viral infections.
  • Apply principles of chemical and electrical safety and ergonomics.
    • List sources of chemical information in the workplace.
    • Explain ways to prevent electrical shocks and overloaded circuits.
    • Agree to never remove machine guards.
    • Define ergonomics.

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