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Driving: Heavy Trucks: Adverse Driving Conditions

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Preparing your heavy truck for adverse driving conditions Preparing your heavy truck tires for adverse driving conditions Checking the oil of your heavy truck before driving through adverse conditions

Heavy Truck Driving: Adverse Driving Conditions

Truck drivers often face hazardous driving conditions. This online training video offers practical solutions and the essential knowledge to prepare drivers for night driving, winter driving, hot weather conditions, driving through water, and mountain driving.

Viewers of this online training course for heavy truck driving are shown how to use the gears and brakes when driving through mountains. Three points for driving heavy trucks through mountains are using low gears, driving slowly, and keeping a light pressure on the brakes. This truck driver training course also explains the difference between the gear systems of older and newer trucks.

Watch this online training video for practical information to help keep you and your employees safe when driving heavy load trucks in adverse conditions.

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Commercial Truck Drivers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Night Driving
  • Winter Driving
  • Driving Through Water
  • Hot Weather Driving
  • Mountain Driving

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