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Driving: Heavy Trucks: Judging Speed and Distance

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A truck drives down a foggy highway slick with rain, demonstrating the best way to judge ditance and speed in a heavy truck with limited visibility. A large truck hauling a tank behind it demonstrates how to judge distance and speed when hauling large cargo in a heavy truck. A truck hauling rectangular cargo on a wet road how to judge distance and speed when driving a heavy truck.

Driving: Heavy Trucks: Judging Speed and Distance

Commercial truck drivers have to drive under many different road conditions. This online training video shows heavy truck drivers how to adjust their speed while driving on slippery roads, curves, hills and in other environments.

The section on judging speed illustrates how to safely take a curve by slowing down before entering the curve. Drivers should never brake at a curve because the wheels could lock and cause a skid. Viewers learn that it’s safest to go with the flow of traffic rather than trying to go faster since passing traffic increases the risk of a crash. This section also explains how to safely go down long, steep hills by shifting into a low gear and going slowly.

Reduce the risk of accidents by watching this training video to learn how to adjust your driving speed.

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Commercial truck drivers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Stopping Distance
  • Inclement weather
  • Judging Speed

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