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Driving: Heavy Trucks: Controlling Speed and Direction

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Driving: Heavy Trucks: Controlling Speed and Direction

Truck drivers need to be among the most skilled drivers on the road, and this controlling speed and direction video training helps them understand the essential elements of controlling these powerful vehicles and the trailers they haul.

Viewers learn proper hand position on the steering wheel, how to prevent rolling backward when starting from a stop, the essentials of backing up with and without a trailer and how the use of a partner and hand signals can make backing up easier. This training stresses the technique of double-clutching, which is essential when upshifting or downshifting in a big rig. It also explains how to use the instrument panel and engine sounds to know when to shift gears. The video explains how to maintain speed control when going downhill and when entering curves, and the use of speed retarders. Driving a vehicle with an automatic transmission is also discussed.

Whether you’re an experienced over-the-road hauler, or a novice, this video is a great training tool. It provides important lessons on controlling these powerhouse vehicles and explains the techniques to make your job easier, and the roadways safer for everyone.

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Truck drivers, tractor-trailer drivers, CDL candidates

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Controlling Your Vehicle
  • Backing
  • Shifting to Control Speed
  • Retarders

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