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Cyber Security Awareness Part 5: Internet And Physical Security

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In this cyber security awareness series of training videos, you have already examined such critical concepts as malware, password management, and social engineering, among others. This fifth, and final, part of the series examines the dangers associated with wireless networks and browsing the internet. For example, using Wi-Fi hotspots at your local coffeeshop or hotel may make you susceptible to an attack. You will learn about these risks, as well as how to protect yourself, here.

Public networks are typically unencrypted, which means that if you are not careful, hackers can obtain personal information such as user names and passwords. This course demonstrates ways for you to safely use the internet in public by helping you determine whether the network is public or secured, recognize which websites are secure and when you should use them. After all, browsers are often the first targets for malware programs and cyber criminals.

Of course, there are additional steps you can take to decrease the risk of becoming the target of a cyber-attack. For example, you can use certain browsers specifically tailored to provide improved online privacy or use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). As 26% of all attacks come from the inside, including disgruntled employees and corporate spies, physical security is key as well. Utilize the information presented in this on-demand training and learn to reduce the likelihood of being a victim of a cybercrime.

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Anyone who uses wireless internet

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Using Wireless Devices
  • Browsing The Internet
  • Maintain Physical Security
  • Moving Forward

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