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Customer Service Words To Avoid

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Customer Service Words To Avoid

This Customer Service Words To Avoid course helps customer service representatives avoid upsetting a customer by using the wrong phrases. There are a set of words and phrases that tend to immediately upset people, even when they are said innocently. Learn how to avoid these negative words and provide a good customer service experience.

The sections of this course demonstrate different ways to help people communicate with their customers better. This starts with avoiding telling customers how to feel and sounding condescending, to suggestions on how to avoid things that make customers feel their representative is not listening. Use this course to teach customer service representatives how to deal with negative situations with customers, what they should avoid saying, and what they should say instead.

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People who work with customers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Calm Down
  • Can I Be Honest With You?
  • No Problem
  • Our Computers Are Slow
  • What’s Your Name Again?
  • Yes, But…
  • Sorry, That’s Our Policy
  • You Don’t Understand
  • Review

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