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Improving Basic Selling Skills Part 1

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Improving Basic Selling Skills Part 1

There are literally dozens of sales techniques you can utilize to boost your sales, but such diversity may prove difficult to compile or absorb. This 3-part video series collects some of the best sales techniques and lists them in an easy-to-follow manner: one for each letter of the alphabet. This first video teaches you skills corresponding to letters A through H; these skills can be used in both incoming and outgoing sales calls. Utilizing these techniques helps separate you from the pack and increases your chances of making a sale.

For example, when beginning a call, do not simply begin with your pitch. Instead, ask for a moment of time before speaking with the prospective client. Be prepared to know the benefits of your product or service as compared to its features. In short, features tell and benefits sell. You must also know how to close the deal – these, for this video series, are literally the “ABCs” of selling skills. Other techniques are presented, including how to be disciplined and echo questions, among others.

To realize the maximum return of these videos, all techniques presented in the three parts should be utilized. This training lesson is where you should begin, so incorporate the skills provided here, make yourself stand out from other sellers, and become a more effective sales representative.

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Sales reps who conduct work over the phone

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • A - Ask For Time To Talk
  • B - Benefits
  • C - Closing
  • D - Discipline
  • E - Echo Questions
  • F - Four Killer Words
  • G - Go Home Ready To Begin
  • H - Humor

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