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A Question of Evidence: The Behavioral-Based Interview

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It is easy in an interview to get swept up by a candidate’s experience, and unfortunately, experience doesn’t always equate a good fit for a job. This training video gives interviewing tips to allow a hiring manager/interviewer to cut through the candidate’s self-promotion and get to the heart of the candidate’s competencies.

It discusses the need to go into the interview with a clear focus on what abilities are needed to succeed in the position, and then to ask probing questions to determine whether the candidate possesses those abilities. It gives examples of how to divert the candidate from explaining what "we" did to expounding on what he or she actually did. The training stresses the importance of asking questions to help candidates display the key competencies critical for success in the position. The Video On Demand also explains how to keep notes and analyze the interview to give yourself the best chance to hire the right person for the job, the first time.

This training helps anyone making hiring decisions to conduct a behavior-based interview and select the most qualified candidate for the job.

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Anyone making personnel hiring decisions

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Behavior-Based Interviewing
  • Analysis of Interviews
  • Behavior Indicators
  • Conclusion

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