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Talent Acquisition: Behavioral Interviewing

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Finding the right candidate whose skillset and personality fit into the organization can be a trying process. Designing the right questions in a repeatable type of interview can produce fair results for effective evaluation. This online training course sets managers up for success by teaching them how to fairly gauge if a candidate has the desired competencies for the position using behavioral interviews.

Behavioral interviews are a straightforward method for finding the right candidates who meet the culture, personality, and competency requirements that management is looking for. This type of interview takes a little more time and planning; however, the interview can uncover information not included in the candidates’ resumes. Supervisors can plan and create questions using the STAR approach: Situation, Task, Action, and Result. These types of questions allow candidates to showcase their past behaviors. By evaluating the responses, managers can predict on-the-job performance.

After taking this training, supervisors will know what a behavioral interview is, how to prepare, what questions to ask, and finally, how to conduct and evaluate the behavioral interview.

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Managers, supervisors and HR personnel involved in the interviewing process

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Behavioral Interview - Preparation
  • The STAR Model Approach
  • Conducting Behavioral Interview
  • Summary

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