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What to Say When: A Co-Worker Has an Embarrassing Problem

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What do you say when you feel you need to point out a potentially embarrassing problem to a coworker? How one approaches the person is incredibly important. If someone is rude and tells them they, for example, have gross breath, it will not go over well. This course provides a communication strategy for discussing sensitive topics with coworkers. The course demonstrates how to pull someone aside and be direct, in a nice way.

This course is part of the What To Say When series on workplace communication. Use the courses in this series to help solve specific workplace issues, whether you are a manager remediating a situation or an individual trying to deal with a problem. These short vignettes present common communication dilemmas in the workplace. Human Resource expert Hugh Murray shares communication strategies and tactics for navigating these situations.

Each vignette features narrative examples for employees to see the wrong and right way to handle a problem, and ends with a short assessment to measure learner comprehension. Each course also includes a leader guide and a downloadable “key points” document to help you remember the communication strategy. These courses make for great training on their own, or used as a series.

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Anyone who needs to talk to a coworker about something potentially embarrassing

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