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Succeeding In A Manufacturing Career

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Succeeding In A Manufacturing Career

Working in a manufacturing environment can be challenging and offers opportunities for growth. This online training course shows viewers how to advance their career through personal effort and by adopting thoughtful ways to handle difficult situations.

Viewers are taught what accountability looks like, and how it impacts their career. Workers are accountable for their actions and behavior. This includes getting to work on time, showing respect towards others, and completing tasks.

This course also teaches the benefits of being positive and motivated. Positive people develop strong relationships, adapt to change more easily, and approach problems more creatively. For example, a way to develop a positive attitude is by focusing on opportunities, including those to learn, to make something the world needs, and to earn a good living. Viewers learn five ways to develop a positive attitude, and how to work as part of a team, work with difficult people, and handle bullying.

Take this online training course to learn how to be successful in a manufacturing career.

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  • You have 30 days to complete the course

This online training course is relevant to anyone who works in manufacturing

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • How To Show Up For Work Every Day
  • Holding Yourself Accountable
  • Working As Part Of A Team
  • Working With Difficult People
  • Recognizing And Preventing Bullying
  • Developing A Positive Attitude
  • Growing In Your Career

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