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Turn Conflict into Collaboration

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As much as we may want to avoid conflict, it is simply inevitable. Collaboration is the key to effectively managing conflict, as only via collaboration can each person’s needs be met. Of course, to achieve collaboration, you must have an understanding as to the sources of conflict and each person’s needs. This conflict management training shows you how to achieve collaboration.

To understand conflict, you must realize what you, and others, find important. For example, do you want to be right, or do you want to avoid conflict at all costs? Answering these questions will tell you your conflict style. You must also know how these styles interact and where conflict originates. Oftentimes, conflict stems from an individual’s needs not being met. These needs may include safety, belonging, or esteem, among others. Knowing these needs is important to achieve collaboration as you then know how to help meet those needs.

Even though conflict can never be eliminated, it can be managed. The information presented in this training course instructs you on how best to manage conflict, including how best to achieve collaboration. Meet everyone’s needs, and find everyone’s win-win, through the materials provided here.

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The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Manage Everyday Conflict
  • Understand Conflict
  • Find the Source
  • Find Win-Win
  • One More Thing

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