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The Benefits Of Creative Thinking

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Finding new answers to existing problems is critical for a company to grow, innovate, and compete. However, without a flourishing culture of creative thinking, an organization won’t be able to grow and change at the pace their industry or marketplace demands.

This course enables organizations to become adept at creative thinking. Emphasizing the dangers of “status quo” thinking, this course shows learners how to embrace the risks associated with seeking new ideas and implementing innovation. Through a series of activities ranging from how to continuously learn and disengage from work to embracing discomfort, the course demonstrates how to strengthen creative thinking and find unique ways to solve problems.

Use this course to ensure your team leaders develop an aptitude for creative thinking and smart risk-taking in themselves and each team member to ensure your company seeks and leverages new ideas and innovations for growth and problem-solving.

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Organizational managers and leaders throughout the company

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Creative Thinking And Smart Risks
  • Strengthen Your Creative Thinking
  • Develop Your Team’s Creative Thinking
  • Summary

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