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Business Strategy: Workplace Ethics

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Business Strategy: Workplace Ethics

Establishing a code of ethics helps businesses succeed in the long run. Having a reputation of being an ethical business starts with forming a structure for the ethical principles of the company. The management plays an important role in this. This course helps leaders understand their role in building a culture of ethics in the workplace.

Earning trust, putting people first, even over profit, and being honest, are foundations for establishing the reputation of being ethical. Holding people and departments within a company accountable and rewarding those who shine in this strengthen the organization and prove it is abiding by ethical practices. This course teaches leaders how to establish a structure of ethical behavior at work. It also explores methods of conveying values for building trust and how to reward team members for ethical conduct.

Use this course to teach leaders how to express ethical behavior in line with the organization’s values and encourage those kinds of behaviors among their teams.

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Anyone in a leadership role

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Establish The Structure
  • Set The Tone
  • Reward Ethical Behavior
  • Summary

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