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Arc Flash Protection and Safe Electrical Work Practices: To The Point

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Arc Flash Protection and Safe Electrical Work Practices: To The Point

Electric shock can cause serious injury or death, and severe burns from arc flashes may be life-threatening. This video training focuses on the steps needed to ensure electrical workers are protected from these two primary causes of injury or death.

This course explains how and why limited and restricted approach boundaries must be established to safeguard non-electrical workers from hazards. It also discusses in detail how to calculate an arc flash boundary, conduct an incident energy analysis and how to determine what type of personal protective equipment must be used to perform specific electrical work. The video also covers de-energizing equipment, testing for the absence of voltage, and lock-out-tag-out procedures to prevent injury. The use of insulated tools, safety glasses, protective eyewear and more is addressed.

This video training’s goal is to teach electrical workers how to create an electrically safe condition for working, and to inform them of the hazards of failing to do so. Use this course to help ensure safety is top of mind when electrical work is performed.

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Electrical workers in industrial settings

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Approach Boundaries
  • The Arc Flash Boundary
  • Incident Energy Analysis
  • Arc Flash Protection
  • PPE Categories
  • Creating an Electrically Safe Condition
  • Conclusion

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