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Ergonomics Training

Implement proper ergonomics training to prevent injuries and increase productivity

Ergonomics is the study of comfortable usage of our workspace and tools. Repetitive motion and stress can lead to serious Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), making ergonomics a critical factor in workplace safety. Millions of workers are exposed to risk factors for MSDs, including workplaces such as offices, warehouses, restaurants, and more. In fact, thirty-four percent of all injuries resulting in lost workdays are due to work-related MSDs.

These ergonomics training courses demonstrate how proper ergonomic techniques can prevent time lost due to injuries and accidents. This course shows which areas of the body are most susceptible to ergonomic injury and how to use stretches, exercises and proper lifting to avoid them. Courses cover a wide-range of topics, such as ergonomics for office, industrial and laboratory workplaces, how to analyze risk for injury and how to utilize safe work practices.

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